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Stallings Financial Group
stays on the leading edge of technology. As owners and users of the Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS) application software, we have the technical versatility and expand ability to quickly and efficiently adjust our business. FACS is the preeminent and most sophisticated data processing application available to the collection industry. All listings downloaded electronically to our system are automatically processed through a custom software program integrated by FACS, so that we can accept virtually any client's file efficiently and effectively.  We are also able to accept payment reports and report closed accounts electronically.

Stallings Financial Group employs the use of  "Guaranteed Contacts," the predictive/power dialing computer built by Ontario Systems. Designed specifically to be used with the FACS product, Guaranteed Contacts (GC) is fully integrated with our database, so any annotations placed on an account by someone using GC may be instantly read by someone who is not presently using GC, and vice versa.  GC can dial much faster than any person and never dials incorrectly, so it significantly reduces wasted time. By employing a "group dialing" strategy, the system is made even more efficient.

Stallings Financial Group has implemented a secured login that requires only an internet browser.  Providing our clients with a means to access and optionally update their accounts, exchange information, and upload new accounts.  Addtionally, allowing consumers to make payment, access their accounts, and communicate electronically.

Our commitment to excellence in the tools we provide our employees allows us to be more productiveputting more work into each accountwhile keeping cost to our clients affordable.


1111 S. Marietta Parkway, Suite B, Marietta, Georgia 30060
Local: 770.428.2454    Toll-free: 800.456.4601   Fax: 770.429.0864