Collection Reports

Stallings Financial Group

Stallings Financial Group uses a variety of different collection notices and will be provided upon request. The following are five of our more popular client reports. A brief description is given of each and all reports generated can be sent electronically or by U.S. mail.

Acknowledgement Report

Each time you place accounts with Stallings Financial Group, you will receive an acknowledgment report for your records. This report indicates in alphabetical or numerical order, the name, account number and balance of each account placed. Also shown is the total number of accounts placed, as well as the total balance placed.

Cancel and Return List

Stallings Financial Group notifies our clients of any accounts that are uncollectible for whatever reason with this report. It contains the account number, name and balance of the uncollectible accounts and reason the account was uncollectible.

Collection Progress Report

Stallings Financial Group makes available to our clients a report which shows the progress being made on each of the client's referred accounts. This reports, the Collection Progress Report, lists each account placed by name, account number, date placed, amount placed, date last paid, amount paid to date, number of calls and letters, plus a brief status on each account.

Performance Analysis Report

This report illustrates our percentage of recoveries for a client, on a cumulative basis, from month of placement over a 12 month period. The second part of this report consolidates placement of accounts and recoveries by annual intervals.

Collection Letters

Stallings Financial Group uses a variety of collection notices and will be provided upon request.