Scope of Services

Stallings Financial Group - "Collecting Your Trust"

Early Out

SFG can handle your early out accounts and maintain your reputation while accumulating your revenue.

Collection Programs (Primary and Secondary)

Once you have completed your collection efforts, we can take that account on a contingency basis and recover your past-due revenue.

Letter Strategy

We can set up a letter series in our name and handle all the inbound calls.
SFG can use the advantage of the collection letter from a collection agency to urge the consumer to resolve the account voluntarily.

Credit Reporting

Accounts placed can be listed on the consumer's credit bureau. SFG has relationships with Credit Bureaus that will allow us to list the accounts we have for collection on the consumers credit report.

Small Balance Accounts

SFG will work with your management team to determine the parameters that will define small balance levels. We will create customized dialer campaigns for your department, which will guarantee a specific number of attempts at varied times of day and will accomplish each calling campaign within specific time frames.

Clean Up Projects

Our clients benefit most from placing accounts with SFG as early as possible.

Our positive approach enables us to work with the consumer to help resolve the debt in a constructive way. However, we are also able to implement specialized "Clean-Up" programs to help our clients with older, less collectable accounts.

These programs are tailored for the specifics of the accounts and the client's needs.

Legal Collections

SFG does not litigate any account without the specific written authorization from our client. We will make a recommendation for suit and present the reason for such action.

Any identified assets and a summary of the account will be presented along with a written request for legal authorization.

Why Partner?

Delivering a Total Service Package
Time and time again SFG clients have told us that, for the first time ever, they have been able to work shoulder-to-shoulder with an agency to build the relationship that they wanted - and what they have liked best is that with SFG they have a true quality partnership built around their definition of the ideal agency relationship. The result is that we are a “user-friendly” agency, focused always on making your job easier. We are not satisfied with our performance unless over and above our recovery rates, your managers and staff find us to be the most cooperative and easy-to-deal-with agency they have ever experienced.

Please, feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.