Technical Data

Collection Management System

Our software package is Ontario Systems' FACS (Flexible Automated Collection System).
The FACS system is currently in use by over 200 agencies and departments. Our secure online access allows you to view and print real-time statistical performance reports, view account information, place notes on accounts, place accounts with SFG, and report payments.
Additionally, it is a great tool for auditing as you can perform remote audits at your leisure from the comfort of your office.

From a management perspective, the system monitors collection by the time of day, provides a huge assortment of reports, permits legal follow-up, case load distribution, and menu driven queue sorts and prioritization, along with management review and intervention.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

SFG's IVR system has a dual application. Consumers may establish payment arrangements or check the status of their account interactively without ever speaking to a live collector.
Of course, the option to default to a live collector is available and will happen automatically under certain circumstances. This IVR system is advertised on all of our letters and is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Predictive Dialing

SFG's predictive dialing system, Contact Savvy, is the only contact management platform that works entirely in concert with the market's leading receivables applications, providing compliance, traceability, transparency and reporting.

Some of the exciting highlights of the predictive dialer are:

  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Unattended messaging
  • Dramatically increased contacts
  • Individual algorithms cy calling campaign
  • Silent monitoring by supervisors
  • Answering machine, busy signal, no-answer, and telephone operator intercept screening
  • Real time statistics
  • Automated data transfer (Seamless interface)
  • Customized reporting
  • Automated time and time zone recognition
  • Right Party contacts

With a manual or basic auto dialer system, collectors average only 12 to 18 minutes of each hour talking to contacts. They spend the remaining 42 to 48 minutes dialing, listening for calls to connect, receiving busy signals, and waiting through numerous rings only to receive no-answers.

The predictive dialer increases our productivity by automatically handling all mundane dialing tasks. Our system dials out on more lines than there are workstations, automatically sorting each call outcome into appropriate queues. This triples our collectors' effectiveness by increasing "contact time" to 45 minutes per hour.

Busy signals and no-answers are automatically placed in separate queues to be recalled on demand. Answering machines can be retried later or passed to an operator who will leave a message.

By connecting our collectors to only those calls that have been answered, the predictive dialer gives our collectors more time to produce results, by spending their time doing what they do best:

Talking to consumers.

Unattended Messaging

This technology allows us to make telephone calls during hours allowable by the FDCPA when / are call center is not actually open, i.e. Sundays. Unattended messaging sends out automated messages soliciting a return phone call to our call center or 24/7 IVR system. Not only is this ideal for use during times that our office is not open, but also enables us to increase our efforts on small balance accounts.


FACSWeb is our on line access for both consumers and our Clients. Consumers have the capability to log onto our system utilizing a provided password, view their account and make payment arrangements all through the Internet without having to speak to a live collector.

For our Clients, FACSWeb provides a way to view and edit account information, view and print real time statistics, perform audits, transfer files securely and more!

Voice Trak (Voice Recording)

Voice Trak is our voice recording system. All inbound and outbound collection calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. Each time our collector speaks to a consumer, they are required to tell the consumer that the phone calls are being recorded. This fact alone, helps reduce the number of frivolous complaints. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for training new hires on professional call handling.

Virtual Private Networking via Client Access Web (CAW)

This service allows specific individuals the ability to tunnel into our database over the internet to view up-to-the-minute status of any of your accounts through our online Graphical User Interface.