Stallings Financial Group stays on the leading edge of technology. As owners and users of the Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS) application software, we have the technical versatility and expand ability to quickly and efficiently adjust our business. FACS is the preeminent and most sophisticated data processing application available to the collection industry. All listings downloaded electronically to our system are automatically processed through a custom software program integrated by FACS, so that we can accept virtually any client's file efficiently and effectively. We are also able to accept payment reports and report closed accounts electronically.

National Locating Datatbase

Accounts are processed through a real-time National skip-tracing databases.Everyday new information is scanned through our database and attached to consumers within our system.

Skip Tracing

Collector’s computer's are bookmarked with numerous skip-trace sites. Allowing our collectors the ability to capture and locate new information on consumers, allowing better results and faster returns for our clients.

Payment Options

All major credit cards, checks, and checks by phone are accepted by calling our office or by visiting our website 24/7.

24/7 Account Status

Clients have 24/7 real-time access through our website to view any consumer and their collection status.

Automated Letter

Our software will generate demand , follow up, and reminder letters without any collector intervention. However, each collector has the ability to generate their own letter sequence, as they deem necessary.

Online Payments

Our website has a link to allow every consumer the ability to make a payment to their account online.